Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture and our rural communities are critical for Washington state’s economy, culture, and identity. We must enact federal programs that are responsive to the needs of these communities and ensure programs meant to help them are accessible.  

With over 39,000 farms and ranches, Washington state’s agriculture industry produces over $10 billion in revenue and supports 160,000 jobs. Supporting our farms and ensuring communities have access to nutritious produce is critical to a healthy economy in the 1st District. 

I’ve remained a consistent advocate in Congress to ensure children and those in need have access to nutritious meals, and believe we must work to create more resilient supply chains in our food sector by supporting Washington’s producers, food banks, restaurants, and workers. 

I’ve gone to bat for farmers that have been devastated by natural disasters, including droughts and heat waves. Last year I helped secure $10 billion in emergency funding for farmers, ranchers, and other producers impacted by disasters following the historic heatwave in June 2021, ensuring those impacted by excessive heat could be covered for the first time ever. 

I’ve also consistently advocated for increased money for agriculture research. Last year, I helped secure $445 million for USDA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, as well as $37 million in research funding specifically for Washington state priorities to make our crops more resilient.  

Finally, as a member of the Ways & Means Committee, I have fought to ensure trade agreements benefit Washington’s rural economy and open new markets for our farmers so that they can compete globally.