A well-educated workforce is vital to our economic success and our future. And a quality education system is the key to creating a workforce prepared for the 21st-century economy. 

I will fight for policies that strengthen our education system focused on closing the achievement gap, raising standards and giving our teachers the support they need to help ensure that every child gets the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

One of the key pieces of the American Rescue Plan was getting kids back in school. This was important to addressing learning loss, supporting our teachers, and taking the burden off parents.  

We also have to rein in the rising costs of college tuition and increase aid to ensure everyone gets a fair chance. The 1st Congressional District is fortunate to be the home of great community and technical colleges and extended campuses of some of our state’s best public universities. The increasing burden of student loans is holding many Americans back from a middle-class life. That’s why I supported the student loan repayment moratorium during the pandemic. 

Working closely with our local institutions, we can bolster the workforce that manufacturing, technology and agricultural employers in our economy need. It is essential we focus on increasing opportunities for current and future workers to get the skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow. This is why I fought for and secured $200 million in job-training funds to help low-income individuals on nutrition assistance get the support and training they need to become self-sufficient.