Environment and Climate Change

What makes living in the Pacific Northwest so special is the natural environment that surrounds us. Washington state is home to some of our nation’s most beautiful forests, mountains, and waterways. We also have some of the most fertile agricultural land. Taking care of our natural resources and protecting our environment is critical to maintaining the quality of life we cherish. That’s why I’ve passed legislation to protect our public lands including designating Illabot Creek as wild and scenic and expanding the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I’ve also secured full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a critical tool that helps protect and preserve our national parks, including the North Cascades, and address the backlog in repairs and maintenance in parks and other public lands. 


No one can deny the impact that climate change is having on our region. Sea levels are rising, our oceans are becoming more acidic, and we are seeing an increase in insect outbreaks and tree diseases. This endangers not only our local economy, potentially costing us thousands of jobs, but also the health of our families and communities. I support President Biden’s actions to combat climate change and renew American leadership on this issue globally.  


In Washington, we have an educated workforce, advanced manufacturing, and growing technology industry, which make us poised to be a leader in the emerging green economy. 


Energy policy is deeply tied to addressing climate change. To make America a green, energy-independent global leader, we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. This means investing in clean, renewable energy.  It’s urgent that we transform our economy into one based on clean and renewable energy sources for the security and health of future generations. 


I worked with my colleagues to draft the GREEN Act which was included in the Build Back Better Act that passed the House of Representatives in November 2021. This bill is part of a comprehensive approach to combating climate change using the tax code to incentivize renewable energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.