Women’s Health and Security

Abortion Access 

An extreme Republican supermajority on the Supreme Court has now stripped women of their constitutional right to an abortion. This is the culmination of 50 years of Republicans’ assault on women.  Millions of women have now lost the ability to make their own health care decisions. While Washington protects abortion access in law, Republicans in Congress have been clear they will pursue a nationwide abortion ban should they take control of Congress. We cannot let this happen. We cannot let our daughters have less freedom than we have enjoyed for nearly a half-century. I’m an executive committee member of the Pro-Choice Caucus and will continue to fight to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.  


Equal Pay 

Women also make up 47 percent of the workforce and are the primary or sole income earner for nearly half of America’s families. It’s simple: when women succeed, America succeeds. I’m fighting for strong, commonsense policies that address the economic challenges facing women and families. We can do more by providing paid family leave, expanding access to affordable child care, ensuring equal pay for equal work, and raising the minimum wage.